Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Rosemary's research services.  She was able to find original 17th century apprenticeship records which gave me proof of and names for three generations of my family, and she had suggestions for further research.  The report she sent was concise and complete, including images of the original documents.  If you have London research needs, I would not hesitate to engage her services!" 
Rebecca, Arkansas, USA

"Rosemary has been very professional, extremely assistive , responsive and personal  when  helping us find English and Scottish history of our family. She has been spontaneously supportive throughout, offering well placed advice and has opened many doors from our own research."
Ian, Australia

"For many years I have been wanting to find out about my grandfather and his relations. His name was hardly ever mentioned as my grandmother and he divorced.  I asked Rosemary if she would find out as much as possible.  She has done a superb report and brought so many facts to light which I never knew.  It was very thorough and has been much appreciated by me and my family."
Pennie, Hertfordshire

"Thank you for the brilliant job you have done on our family history.   It has been an amazing discovery for us all and thrown up some strange facts.  Most incredible is that it seems our grandmother was living in Edinburgh when Pa was at the university there. The fact that her mother left her quite a sum must mean that she paid for his education. A lot of questions still unanswered but ones to which we will never find the answers.  I know that we are all most grateful to you for all the hours you must have put in to learn so much about our paternal ancestors."
Angela, Lincolnshire

"Rosemary's report is fantastic. Lots of info and really clear. She has given me lots of ideas for further research too."
Vicky, Australia

"I have found that you have been particularly helpful with my 'brickwall' by helping me to look at things from new angles.  This has opened up at least one new avenue of investigation.  I have found  your specialist knowledge of London records to be most useful.  'Two heads are always better than one!'"
Carl, Cheshire

"I asked Rosemary to research my father’s family back in time in Devon, where coincidently I now find myself living! The resulting report feels well researched and thorough, with lots of ideas and recommendations of where I can expand the information and create a fuller picture.  It was fascinating and has inspired me to find out more. I so look forward to sharing this with my family  as a present for Christmas!"
Sally, Devon

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